A selection of bath rituals from 5 corners of the world: Atlas, Bangalore, Java, Kyoto and Siam 20 minutes25 €

Relaxing and aromatic bath rituals with essential oils and colours of selected plants restore harmony between mental and psysical energy. The bath treatment is suitable as a first spa relaxation.

Seawater Shower Massage 20 minutes16 €

Underwater manual massage stimulates circulation and relieves muscle tension. The whole body is massaged by water jets from pressurised nozzles, starting from the feet and ending at the neck area. Spanish sea salt adds to the health-giving aspects of the water massage and enhances the treatment.

Herb Oil Massage Bath 20 minutes12 €

Relaxing massage bath with aromatic and gentle effects stimulating circulation and soothing the senses. This bath is primarily soothing and relieves stress. Hot water and a variety of herbal concentrates offer relaxation and wellbeing.

“Laulasmaa Spa recommends using the water and spa centre prior to spa treatments!”