Massages and massage rituals

Bali island massage ritual 60 minutes49 €

The Bali island massage is inspired by the traditional body treatments used in the Siamese Kingdom since the 16th century. This massage ritual is a combination of deep and smooth movements, and gentle stretching strokes from the traditional Thai massage, with a focus on breathing. Massage techniques provide excellent relaxing and flexibility-enhancing results and will release the energy flow of your body. The massage is also suitable for those who are not very athletic but wish to stretch their muscles and restore skin softness. The treatment uses melting body balm with tropical nuts, the recipe of which dates back to the times of the Siamese Kingdom and was used to soften and bring radiance to the skin. The balm brings out your summer tan and restores the skin after sunbathing. Personal recommendations and advice are given at the end of the treatment.

French Polynesian massage ritual 60 minutes / 90 minutes 49 € / 65 €

This exotic massage is a combination of long and invigorating strokes using “Lomi Lomi” techniques created by the healers of French Polynesian islands, using forearms to put pressure on the body. The island's volcanic rocks are placed on the back and sacrum through meridian massage to excrete toxins. This massage ritual alleviates muscle tension, improves muscle tone and quickly restores energy throughout the body thanks to the dermal puncture techniques, making energy in the body circulate better and actively recovering spiritual energy. This massage ritual relaxes the entire body, from head to toe. The treatment uses the combination of Tahitian Monoi and Noni fruit balm. Personal recommendations and advice are given at the end of the treatment.

Relaxing North African massage ritual 30 minutes / 60 minutes30 € / 49 €

A genuine art of massage that works on the entire body. In North Africa, rich oils have been used for body treatments throughout the ages. A mixture of argan, sesame and olive oil that moisturise and restore skin tone is used for this massage. Argan oil holds a mystical ability to preserve the youthfulness of skin. The expert hands of the massage therapist will relieve tension and stress knots, and eliminate toxins and muscle pains. This relaxing ritual represents the historic pure wellbeing from North Africa; it relaxes the entire body, from head to toe. Personal recommendations and advice are given at the end of the treatment.

Indian Ayurvedic massage ritual 60 minutes49 €

This traditional thousands-of-years-old Indian Ayurvedic massage ritual with warm oil relies on a combination of different strokes for vitality. The aim of the massage is to balance the body's vital functions, to increase life energy (Prana) through breathing, and as a result of this, relieve muscle tension and restore vitality and energy. The Ayurvedic massage is an art of harmonising the body, the senses and the spirit, restoring the physical, mental and emotional balance, thus enabling self-recovery. The mixture of vanilla and cardamom fragrances helps to relieve muscle tension, leaving you with a sound sleep and silky soft skin. This massage ritual is suitable for muscular tension, for athletic people and just for “awakening” of the body. Personal recommendations and advice are given at the end of the treatment.

Deep tissue massage 80 minutes63 €

Deep tissue massage is best for people who are not looking for relaxation and stress relief but instead for thorough manipulation of their muscles and tissue by means of enhanced massage technique. The massage aims to relieve muscle tension and improve joint mobility and the systems of the body. Deep tissue massage combines a variety of classic and sports massage techniques. During the massage, you may feel a sensation of pain and, on the following day, you may be lacking in energy though this will soon pass.

Classic Massage 30, 40, 60 minutes23 €, 29 €, 39 €

Classic massage relieves muscle tension and improves circulation. The effect on the dermal tissue, sub-dermal tissue and muscles is either relaxing or toning depending on the desired technique. This improves circulation and enhances the digestion. It is used to relieve muscle tension, insomnia and general stress. Massage is not suitable if you have high blood pressure, varicose veins, a dermatological condition or a fever.

Aromatherapy Massage 60 minutes44 €

Aromatherapy massage is an ancient art of treating and healing that balances the senses and nourishes the body. Light massage techniques together with natural essential oils alleviate many problems. Aromatherapy massage soothes stress, muscle tension, erratic blood pressure, insomnia, exhaustion, anxiety and is suitable as a balance for a range of emotional states. Essential oils are also an excellent skin mask, firming, nourishing and improving the skin's elasticity.

Honey Massage 60 minutes44 €

Honey massage originates in Tibet. Honey is used primarily as an adhesive, in particular, to increase adhesion of the masseur’s hands to the body of the patient. Honey massage accelerates circulation in the area treated. The well-known healing effects of honey reach the body by way of the skin. Honey massage is effectively used for muscle strains, common cold, mental stress, cellulite and chronic joint problems. This massage is not suitable for persons with honey allergies.

Pumice Stone Massage 80 minutes55 €

The whole body is massaged and the pumice stones are applied to certain points to restore the balance between different body areas and to relieve muscle tension. The treatment relaxes and balances the entire body.

Russian Spa Massage 80 minutes63 €

Created from different massage techniques, stretching and so-called passive gymnastics, to demonstrate the highly respected Russian school of massage. A truly indulgent treatment during which you enjoy a very profound muscular workout.

Scalp Massage 45 minutes 39 €

Inspired by Indian scalp massage. It is a balancing, soothing and relaxing massage for the whole body that helps alleviate headaches and sleeping disorders, and improves concentration. Massage starts in the shoulder area, including the arms, neck and head.

“Laulasmaa Spa recommends using the water and spa centre prior to spa treatments!”