Ultrasound Therapy 7 €

The main indication is chronic and acute inflammatory processes in soft tissues and joints. Healing and pain-relieving effect.

Magnetic Therapy 7 €

Acts on tissues with a low frequency magnetic field. This possesses pain-relieving, anti-oedemic and anti-inflammatory properties. The vasodilatory effect of the treatment means that it is suitable for sufferers of high blood pressure. Indications are chronic musculoskeletal problems, traumatic fractures, dislocations, vascular diseases and chronic skin conditions (psoriasis).

Electrotherapy7 €

From a range of electrotherapy treatments we offer iontophoresis and various pulsed currents which offer analgesia.

Inhalation9 €

Using our apparatus your inhalatory medication is finely dispersed and reaches your respiratory system effectively through normal breathing. This delivers your medication directly to the mucosa. Used to treat chronic or acute respiratory diseases by offering mucokinetic, antiinflammatory, humidifying or vasodilatory effects.

Measure Blood Pressure 4 €

Physiotherapy Appointment10 €