Spa for children

Bubble bath with lavender (20 minutes) 12 €

Bubble bath with rich lavender foam that soothes your skin and makes it incredibly soft.

Massage for real boys (20 minutes)19 €

You need to be strong and healthy in order to play all the games in the world.

Chocolate massage (20 minutes) 19 €

Massage with the taste of candy, gives you a good mood and makes your muscles really strong.

Massage for girls with rose oil (20 minutes) 19 €

Massage for little princesses that softens your skin and gives it a lovely scent of roses.

Manicure for little mademoiselles (30 minutes) 16 €

Treatment for hands and fingernails, nails will be polished upon parents’ approval.

Pedicure for the dancing girls (30 minutes) 19 €

Treatment where your feet will be moisturised, massaged and toe nails get a nice orderly look. Toe nails will be polished upon parents’ approval.

“Laulasmaa Spa recommends using the water and spa centre prior to spa treatments!”