Culture and history near by Laulasmaa

Keila waterfall
The second biggest waterfall in Estonia where the water falls from 6,1 m high ordovician limestone formation of the complex of Lasnamäe and it is 60-70 m wide.


Kõltsu manor


Treppoja berms
At Treppoja there is a good access to Treppoja 6-berm cascade. Along the stepped ground falling stream forms cascades. The cascade of Treppoja consists of 12 berms on the 150 m long area.. The main berm is recognizable which consists of 3 berms being 1,7 meters high.
At the top of the main berm the stream falls down 1,3 meters, on the bottom 2,6 meters. The stream is 6-7 meters wide, it only goes wider under the main berm up to 10-15 meters.

The seaside of Klooga has a sandy beach which is in Harju county Keila parish Kloogaranna village.


Klooga prison camp
The camp was in Harju county, near Klooga, 30 km from the south of Tallinn, in parallel with the railway of Tallinn-Paldiski which is 3-4 km from the west of Klooga railway station. From the south the camp was boarded by the lake of Klooga.


Klooga manor
Ohtu manor


The best sights of Paldiski are the limestone cliffs. Majestic plateau and the wonderful view from there attracts city residents for a walk and travellers to explore. Visitors must be careful when walking on the edge or under the cliffs because the fallings might accur. In Paldiski there is an opportunity to observe ostriches. Farm Pakri Straus is waiting for you!


Allilepa beach
Harju-Madise church
The apple house of Harju-Madise pastorate
Kurkse port
Mõldre windmill
Padise monastery
Padise castle hill
Padise manor
The horse stable of Padise manor
The chapel of the Ramms family
Risti church
Vihterpalu manor
Visit Vasalemma manor when in Vasalemma parish
In Nissi parish go hiking at Alemaa botanical reserve or Ellamaa arboretum.
Beautiful lake Järveotsa and fixed up health path of Läänemaa, Valgejärv together with the hiking path are waiting for everybody to the world of nature