Birthday party for 10 = 277€

Big birthday package for children

Package includes:

  • 2,5 hour access to the water centre and saunas, including a soft drink
  • 1 children’s spa treatment from the following selection:
    • a manicure for young ladies – treatment for hands and nails for girls, including nail polish with parents permission
    • a massage for young men – to stay healthy and strong to play many-many games
  • birthday table at the restaurant Wicca or Resto Verde (1 hour)
  • a jug of juice
  • each guest can choose one dish from the following selection:
    • french fries with ketchup and sausages,
    • chicken skewers with yoghurt-cucumber sauce and a small salad,
    • small tortilla-pizza with salami, onions and cheese,
    • home-made potato salad with sausages,
    • chicken- or ham and cheese wrap
  • birthday cake (1,5 kg) from selection:
    • white chocolate – strawberry,
    • chocolate – cherry – mascarpone or
    • curd cheese – peach
  • a birthday gift

Telephone: +372 687 0888


277€ Birthday party for 10 guests
17€ additional guest


  • one adult per every 10 children is required to stay with the kids both in the water centre and saunas and at the restaurant
  • the package is suitable for children 8 years old. The price of the package is applicable for up to 10 guests