Just be beautiful

Price includes:

• use of the water centre and saunas for 2.5 hours
• firming Brazilian massage rituaal 30 min
• Bali facial treatment 30 minutes
• classic foot treatment 60 minutes

Bali facial treatment includes the use of dermal puncture technique, which allows the skin to become youthful and bright. The treatment is inspired by traditional Bali massage ritual and focuses on the neck, nape and trapezius muscle area, which helps both the body and mind to relax. This deep-cleansing treatment leaves your skin radiant, your complexion becomes clear and bright, and your whole body is relaxed.

Classic foot treatment 60 minutes
Aromatic and nutritious foot treatment! Classic foot treatment begins with a refreshing footbath after which nails are filed to give them a beautiful shape and, if necessary, nail polish is removed. An aromatic exfoliator is then gently massaged into the moistened skin to remove dead skin cells. The feet are then washed and dried. A cream and cuticle remover is applied to the cuticles, and then the cuticles are gently pushed back. Next, the nails are polished with ORLY nail lacquer in the colour of your choice. At the end of the treatment, nail oil is applied to the cuticles. All ORLY nail lacquers are vegan-labelled, durable and chip-resistant

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Open dayly 09.00–20.00

Telephone: +372 687 0877

Price: 89 € per person


With every Day Spa purchase there is a -10% discount from the menu of the a la carte restaurant Wicca.