Price 63 € per person

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Day Spa includes:

  • Balinese massage ritual, 60 mins

The Balinese massage ritual is inspired by the traditional body treatment
of the Siamese Kingdom, which has been used since the 16th century. It
uses a gentle stretching of the traditional Thai massage and deep stroking
movements with a focus on breathing. This massage is suitable for
people who are not very athletic but who wish to stretch their muscles and restore the softness of their skin.

  • Balinese 5 flower ritual, 60 mins

Since the 16th century, Balinese princesses have traditionally used the
powers of tropical flowers to keep their complexion clean and fresh.
Massage based on the ideas of derma puncture stimulates energy flow
in the face and neck area, detoxifies and strengthens facial muscles.

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Open dayly 09.00–20.00

Telephone: +372 687 0877

Price: 63 € per person


With every Day Spa purchase there is a -10% discount from the menu of the a la carte restaurant Wicca.