We have good news!

A new hotel brand – Hestia Hotel Group – has been born!


Having developed into an operator with one of the most substantial number of hotel rooms in Estonia, we are introducing the new Hestia Hotel Group brand to the market starting 1 November 2017. BBH Hotel Group OÜ as a business name no longer exists, and all obligations have been transferred to Hestia Hotel Group OÜ. This is the beginning of a new story for our hotel group. More visible physical and conceptual changes will take place over the coming months and throughout 2018. We will notify you of all updates and improvements in good time.


It is a pleasure to have you on board!


Hestia Hotel Group hotels:

Hestia Hotel Europa
Hestia Hotel Ilmarine
Hestia Hotel Seaport
Hestia Hotel Susi
Hestia Hotel Laulasmaa Spa
Hestia Hotel Kentmanni – opening 2019
Hestia Hotel Jugend – Riga, Latvia


Additional information www.hestiahotels.ee