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Sauna has proven to be a ritual which is a suitable kind of healthcare for everyone. Take your family and friends with you to enjoy the best relaxation.

For body cultivation we offer steam-, waterless-, salt- and a traditional Finnish saunas. You can free your mind in the sanarium or find your inner peace in a traditional wood-burning sauna.

The Laulasmaa SPA has 6 general saunas:

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Water and Sauna Center
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With high temperature (up to 95C) and medium humidity sauna which is meant for string sweating. After every session of hot sauna it is advisable to cool down with cold water. Recommended duration is up to 10 minutes.


+75˚C is exactly the right temperature to relax in the aromatic Finnish sauna. The sauna is perfect for relaxation, for enhancing the immune system and soothing respiratory illnesses. Recommended duration is up to 20 minutes. Low temperature and humidity sauna is made with natural oak wood.


The sauna with low temperature (up to 60°) and 100% humidity is suitable for people with respiratory problems (bronchitis, cough, hoarse voice, asthma, cold) and various skin problems (psoriasis, allergic rashes, dry skin and scaling). The salty steam and the moist heat cleanse the skin intensively and make it silky soft. Recommended duration is up to 20 minutes.


The body is rubbed with healing salt mix in the low temperature (up to 45°) and high humidity steam sauna. The salt is rubbed on the skin with massaging movement, held on the body for 5-10 minutes and then washed off. The warm steam opens up the pores, rubbing the skin with the salt has a peeling treatment effect and after the sauna the skin feels really silky. The salt has a purifying and anti-bacterial effect. Recommended duration is up to 12 minutes.


Higher temperature (+90˚C) and medium humidity sauna. The cosy and exciting sauna heated up with wood fulfills the dreams of every sauna friend. You can enjoy the sun or hop into a cooling outdoor pool after the sauna. It is accessible easily through the water centre.


The sanarium is the perfect combination of steam and Finnish sauna. The sauna is with a moderate heat (45-50˚C) and humidity (about 50%). It is nice to relax for about 20 minutes in this aromatic sauna.


Japanese bath, filled with hot water (+41˚C), is the best solution against the Northern cold. An ideal place for relaxing and enjoying a cold drink. Before using the Japanese bath it is recommended to have a hot shower before for Your body to get used to the hot water. Recommended duration is 10 minutes. After the bath You will feel the warmth in Your body for a long time and makes Your body feel amazing.


The resting places in half laying position are perfect after using the saunas or the pools. Places where to enjoy the selection of drinks offered at the water centre’s bar.

Drink lots of water before going to the sauna and in the sauna – sweating is a lot of work and leaves you dehydrated.  Sauna can be looked at as a week-long treatment – we recommend to take sauna 3 times a week.

Be aware:
Avoid drinking alcohol in the sauna. Infrared sauna is not suitable for small children or during pregnancy. Do not go to the sauna when you have a fever and exit immediately if you are not feeling well.